Parish Priest

Fr. Jim Kaptein

Born October 26, 1960

Ordained a priest June 24, 1994

Served Aug 1994 to July 1998

St. Michael, Prince Albert

St. James, Albertville

Served Aug 1998to July 1999

St. Michael, Prince Albert

St. James, Albertville

St. Mary, Christopher Lake

Served Aug 1999 July 2004

Our Lady of Consolation, Melfort

St. Brieux, St. Brieux

Mary, Mother of God, Kinistino

Served Aug 2004 July 2005

St. Mary, Bowen, Australia

Served Aug 2005 July 2010

St. Eugene, Nipawin

St. Mary, Choiceland

Served Aug 2010 July 2015

Our Lady of the Nativity, Zenon Park

St. Lucy, Arborfield

Canadian Martyrs, Carrot River

Served Aug 2015 to Present

St. Mark, Prince Albert

St. James, Albertville

Trivia about Fr. Jim

1) Most Passionate about – Preaching and Canoeing

2) Favorite Pastime – Faceting gemstones

3) What drives him – The Spirit of God

The Prophet Jeremiah says “If I do not do the Lord’s work, or mention his name, then within me there is something like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot. (Jer 20:9)

4) Favorite Movie – “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”

Why – It is a classic good overcoming evil against all odds

5) Most powerful lesson he would like to leave his parishioners –

God never stops loving you

6) Best advice he could give you

Never stop loving the people around you

7) Hardest decision he has ever made

Do I want to become a priest

8) People he respects/admires the most

Arch Bishop Albert LeGatt, Fr. Ghislain Gaudet, his Mom

9) What brings him the most joy

Watching the light of faith igniting within an individual and then watching it grow into an inferno.

10) Retirement dream

Spend half the year replacing priests in the diocese while they go on vacation, and half the year acting as an pastor on a small island in the south Pacific.

11) What he fears the most – Failing (At anything)

12) Favorite TV series – Star Trek the Next Generation

Why - It shows how all the basic human archetypes work together

13) What is his greatest regret

Not getting to know all his parishioners better

14) Most valuable lesson he has ever learned

“What would Mrs. Roy say” (At his first job) … made him start thinking for himself

15) Favorite places he has been to

Australia – Coral Reefs

Peru – Inca Trails

British Columbia – Sloquet Hot Springs

16) Favorite Riddle

I have two coins in my pocket, together they total 30 cents,

one of them is not a nickel. What are they?

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